Introductory Questions

1. My name is Sophie Fried and I am a Senior double majoring in Marketing and Design

2. I am taking this class because it is a requirement for my major and I have always been curious about how to build a website

3. I do not have any prior experience with HTML/CSS/JS.

4. In this class I really want to learn how to build a functioning website so I can create my own page for my work.

5. I like designing on the computer, rather than on paper, because it is more forgiving. Using a computer gives you the freedom to test out new ideas with relatively little risk.

6. I think Apple is a great example of a website that displays effective design. The website reflects the company's minamal, innovative brand image and emphasizes the importance of its products.

7. I think the NY Times does a really good job of conveying information in a user friendly way. The company's main goal is to make news accessible to the general public, and the website is very easy to navigate.

8. Amazon is perhaps the most reliable website I have ever used. It is my go to for basic shopping, tv, and occassionally groceries. It is incredible that they can incorporate so many capabilities on to one website without it feeling busy or confusing